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Hi blog! A real live blog post! Amazing! Before I dive in… 1. I feel really good physically. Better than I have in 3 years by far. My last post on diyHealth gives rough overview of my trip to Palo Alto, but I am blown away by how I feel. The latest iteration of how […]



I haven’t posted in a while here! I will probably resume in a month or two. In the time being, I’ve been working on sprout ( and researching my health. I’ve had neck problems for 3 years, but they’re finally fading out. It’s incredibly exciting. I’ve been working really closely with Esther Gokhale ( for […]

I’ve recently started working on a new project, called Sprout. The core idea is it’s a community workshop and center where people can come and get the social and technical resources they need to turn their ideas into reality. We’re specifically focusing on ideas that support the local community: we want people to both address […]

The other big experience that shaped how I view educational systems was being a TA at MIT. On the whole it was a really disheartening experience. I believe that is much harder and more worthwhile to construct a healthy system — be it educational or otherwise — than critique an existing, failing one, and so […]

Much of my views on learning and education were formed through two powerful learning experiences. They fully changed my mind as how I learn, how quickly I can learn, and how others learn. They helped me value one’s own intuition for how the learning process is going above and beyond any system or institution’s feedback. […]

A friend of mine wrote me an email asking about my thoughts on teaching math. Having thought a lot about math (that’s what I did in college) and teaching, I’ve got lots of thoughts! Below is a simple summary of my broad thoughts on tutoring math. I’m also working on making an instructable of a […]

I just got back from Maker Faire Austin. It was so much fun! I had a great time! Oh man oh man oh man. One of the highlights of it for me was watching the reaction to an intro electronics kit that I’m working on. Here’s a pic someone took of it at Maker Faire: […]