What you’ll find here: a picture, guiding interests, relevant experience, and stuff that I’m excited about.

This is a picture of me!

face portrait 4

My biggest interests are how people organize, learn, and heal.

Relatedly, I want to excel at facilitating those skills and their intersections. I believe that people do best when they are in full control of their lives and are supported by a community. This leads me to ask questions like “what social structures can we build so that people can learn, so that they are in love with the process and can learn on their own terms?” or similarly “what do people need — in terms of community, knowledge, and tools — to heal quickly, thoroughly, and reliably?”

I think my personal mission is to make learning, work, and play, amazing and the same.

To that end, I’m working on sprout right now — a place where the everyday world is brought into focus through the lens of data visualizations, as a way to get people asking questions and growing their curiosity.

I’ve built Camp Kaleidoscope as a way to explore this theme with children: what happens when you seed an environment with extremely interesting materials and activities (like making computer games, taking machines apart, making your own pizza or masks) and let kids do what they want to?

My work is gone into a bit more in depth on my projects page.

I’m excited to do and learn pretty much everything.

I realize that a list of interests would be hard-pressed to be complete, or even timely, so I’m going to try answering the following question: if I thought the problem of building communities for healthy learning was solved, what would I do with a year of my time? Options right now include:

* master several medical skills in succession and/or try to forge a grand unified theory of medicine (providing solid evidence one way or another about the efficacies of and overlaps within western and eastern medicine.)

* hook up an EEG to my head and go meditate in the woods for a few months. (I’ve been practicing Zen since summer 2007.)

* release an album, under a really cool penname, like Blake Wilder. (I’ve been enchanted with music production, electronic music, DJing, and rave / club subculture since high school.)  I think I’d call it “The United States of Emergency.”


* a note about this about page: It’s a first draft at a deschooled about page. We normally look for professional rank and academic credentials as a way of gauging someone’s abilities and worth. But those are only as meaningful to you as their reputation — and I want a world where we engage with people on their own merits, not their institutions’.

So I’m trying to figure out what I can tell you that gives you a sense of who I am without the usual tack of listing what I’ve been a part of? I think my work, goals, and play are the most meaningful pieces I can offer. Tell me if this works for you or not!


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