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The other big experience that shaped how I view educational systems was being a TA at MIT. On the whole it was a really disheartening experience. I believe that is much harder and more worthwhile to construct a healthy system — be it educational or otherwise — than critique an existing, failing one, and so […]

Much of my views on learning and education were formed through two powerful learning experiences. They fully changed my mind as how I learn, how quickly I can learn, and how others learn. They helped me value one’s own intuition for how the learning process is going above and beyond any system or institution’s feedback. […]

A friend of mine wrote me an email asking about my thoughts on teaching math. Having thought a lot about math (that’s what I did in college) and teaching, I’ve got lots of thoughts! Below is a simple summary of my broad thoughts on tutoring math. I’m also working on making an instructable of a […]