How to start your own Summer Camp!


I made an Instructable on starting a summer camp!

time to sleep!

(update: Instructables is featuring it on their home page right now. That’s neat!)


3 Responses to “How to start your own Summer Camp!”

  1. 1 Mark Barnett

    I just googled “Hot to start a summer camp” today and found your article. Very well written. I hope to start my own summer camp in a few years and its nice to read about someone else’s experiences with taking the leap. Thank you.

    -Mark Barnett.

  2. 2 camipco

    This was awesome.

  3. 3 livelifehard22

    I am really glad I found this!! This is something that I have been interested in doing for a long time, but I couldn’t seem to get started, or even figure it out for that matter. This is a great guideline for people who want to do this too. I do have a question though… Would having or not having a college education be a factor in beginning a summer camp?

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